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A promising nicotine vaccine

stop smokingA promising vaccine could help smokers stomp their cigarettes forever.

514vaccins looked into the research of Dr. Hoang-Thanh Le from Sudbury to learn more about how vaccines could become an easy and accessible remedy against substance addiction. Other methods have fallen short of really helping smokers stop, it has become essential for us to find an effective solution for those who desire to defeat their addiction to nicotine. This is what you must know about this nicotine vaccine innovation :

Dr. Hoang-Thanh has found that the majority of smokers have a hard time stopping indefinitely. This is because nicotine is a highly addictive stimulant and a sedative. It is consumed with thousands of harmful chemical substances such as dissolvents, acid (once used in gas chambers), fuel, detergent, tar and much more. In other words, nicotineis making people addicted to poison. It is therefore becoming crucial to find a real treatment that puts an end to this addiction. The nicotine vaccination is administered either through the nose or under the tongue, with no need for a needle. It’s function is to stop the nicotine from reaching the brain. This makes it so the nicotine loses it’s pleasant feel, which removes the interest in smoking. This means their addiction would instantly vanish, as they would no longer feel any pleasure from smoking.

By eliminating the dependence to nicotine, the vaccine also allows for a decrease in the risk of developing cancer or other diseases related to smoking. Dr Hoang-Thanh Le’s research may not only ameliorate the health of smokers and people around them, but also save lives. This idea could also be developed to find a treatment against other kinds of addictions to other substances such as cocaine, heroine and methamphetamine. Similar vaccines have already been created and tested, but the majority of these proved to be inefficient. Dr. Haoang Thang Le’s research wants to do a radical amelioration of the nicotine vaccination.

For the time being, preliminary animal tests show promising results. However it still needs more positive test results to be tested on humans.

Even if the vaccination still remains to be improved and tested, 514 vaccins is hoping to beat addiction, as soon as people express the desire to let go of their unhealthy habits. If you are interested in other methods, don’t hesitate to check out our travel vaccination clinic or our virus vaccination service. Our health is one of the most important things we have, which is why we need to cherish and care for it.