The Houston Emergency Room Has Improved their Patient Satisfaction with Reservations

One of the main problems that people have with medical facilities is the wait time that is attached to them. There is nothing worse than having something seriously wrong with you, and having to wait for a long period of time before being seen by a professional. One Houston emergency room has taken steps to eliminate that problem all together and make visiting their facility less of a burden.


How they are Tackling the Problem

The First Choice Hospital emergency room in Houston has begun using an emergency room reservation system that gets rid of the wait that you normally have to deal with at this type of facility.

The main discomfort that comes from waiting to be seen in a hospital is sitting around in the waiting room with nothing to do. Now instead of being stuck at the hospital until it is your time to be seen you can get online and make a reservation at the hospital and wait to visit until it’s your turn.

Sitting in a crowded and uncomfortable waiting room is a hassle that nobody wants to deal with. If you are given the choice between sitting there and waiting, or waiting at home before making the trip out to the hospital which would you choose? I’m sure that most people would be thrilled by being able to do something else while waiting to be seen at the hospital.


Rooms are Much Less Crowded

Another benefit of this new system is that the rooms at First Choice Hospital are now much less crowded than they used to be. Since more patients are simply reserving a spot and waiting to come in until it’s their turn to be seen the waiting rooms aren’t nearly as crowded. If you are one of the unfortunate people who didn’t make a reservation, you will at least have a more comfortable room to wait in with more space for you and your loved ones.


Not Used with Life Threatening Conditions

Even though this system organizes the treatment administered to people visiting the emergency room it cannot be applied to a life-threatening condition. It’s important to be in the hospital itself if you are suffering from a life threatening condition such as a heart attack or throat swelling from an allergic reaction, and that means that you should drive in right away instead of waiting for a reservation.

While making the reservation it is mandatory to input the reason you need to be seen at the emergency room, and even though a situation may be very uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean it has to be life threatening. After you have filled out the entire form you will be given a time slot in the emergency room and will be treated promptly when you arrive at that time.

Emergency rooms tend to be pretty chaotic, but this system helps to make them into more organized systems with a steady streamline of patients entering and leaving. It may not be the perfect solution to the problem, but the changes made by First Choice Hospital will certainly improve the experience people have in the emergency room in Houston.

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